Cosmetic equipment

Cosmetic equipment

 WX-12C High Temperature Sterilizer
Ex Tax: 125.00€
In Stock
The WX-12C high temperature sterilizer is designed to disinfect instruments. The inner sides of the device are made of steel, inside there is a removable container for storing and sterilizing tools. Dry hot air sterilization kills bacteri..
Apparatus for vacuum roller massage Beautyliner
Ex Tax: 6,170.00€
In Stock
Beautyliner - effective device for body sculpture and cellulite removal. This is a non-invasive way to decrease volumes of human body using rollers and constant or pulsed regulated vacuum that activates skin and dermal tissues. The process s..
Armchair cosmetic-202
Ex Tax: 200.00€
ARMCHAIR A COSMETIC-202Chair with a hole in the headrest practical cuvettes, well-suited for cosmetic, makeup and massage. It has removable armrests and plug in the headrest. Plating washable seat made of eco-leather, meeting the strict requireme..
Beauty couch Queen A-1
Ex Tax: 1,305.00€
Treatment Bed Queen A-1 produced by Alvi Prague will create the comfort of your clients and the beauty of your salon or spa. Your treatments will never be the same again once your clients experience the relaxation necessary to truly enjoy..
Cosmetology chair LUX 273B WHITE with 3 motors
Ex Tax: 897.00€
Cosmetic chair, perfect for beauty salons and SPA salons, perfect for cosmetic treatments, make-up and massage. It has electrically controlled: - footrest - chair height - backrest. Full remote control makes work easier.&nb..
Electric armchair FR 101 
Ex Tax: 515.00€
 Features:- White interior - three pillows - the option of spreading the flat - the opportunity to raise back to the upright position - dropped back foot - paper towel hanger- possible purchase of armrestsSpecifica..
Electric massage couch
Ex Tax: 490.00€
High performance couch, especially for physiotherapeutic procedures. Equipped with one motor, the height of which is electrically adjustable, the rear and the inclination are manually adjustable. The headrest is a pillow with a ventilation opening...
Needle-free Mesotherapy, UltraSonic Scrubber Alvi Prague S-02
Ex Tax: 780.00€
In Stock
Functions:Needle-free MesotherapyUltraSonic Scrubber ..
STERILIZER UV-C towel warmer
Ex Tax: 120.00€
UV professional sterilizer for towels.Ideal for tattoo studios, spa, large cosmetic surgeries and massage rooms. Its dimensions allow you to place a dozen different size towels. SPECIFICATIONS:- 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz- Power 164 W- 80 °C &..
SUNUV UV sterilizer S2
Ex Tax: 42.20€
The UV sterilizer is a storage container with a disinfection function for, among others for hairdressers, beauticians. The disinfection efficiency is 99.9%. Characteristic features:- three minutes sterilization process - vo..
UV-C germicidal lamp
Ex Tax: 22.00€
The UV-C germicidal lamp and ozone generator is a device for all those who want to keep the room clean and sterile. The lamp is most often used in treatment rooms, hospitals, clinics, it is effective in rooms up to 60 m². It can also..
UV-C germicidal lamp MINI
Ex Tax: 10.50€
In Stock
UV-C radiation is part of the solar radiation practically absorbed by 100% by the Earth's atmosphere, now it has found its application in lamps that are an effective weapon in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Ultraviolet light has the a..
 Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague F-3
Ex Tax: 1,150.00€
Functions:Ultrasonic scrubberneedle-free mesotherapyMicrocurrent therapy ..
AlviDerm Hydrodermabrasion Machine
Ex Tax: 4,100.00€
MAIN BENEFITS of AlviDerm beauty machineAlviDerm is a multifunctional beauty machine, produced taking into account the progressive trends of the beauty industry and salon business. Multitasking equipment demonstrates almost unlimited application po..
Apparatus for vacuum hydro-peeling with simultaneous diamond dermabrasion Т-17
Ex Tax: 1,100.00€
 Vacuum hydropeeling with diamond dermabrasion function that is run on AlviDerm beauty machine..
Apparatus for vacuum hydro-peeling with simultaneous diamond dermabrasion Alvi Derm
3,025.00€ 3,872.00€
Ex Tax: 2,500.00€
In Stock
 Vacuum hydropeeling with diamond dermabrasion function that is run on AlviDerm ..
Apparatus Rotary vibrational compression Beautylizer
Ex Tax: 15,900.00€
In Stock
Rotary vibrational compression with spheresInnovative Method of reducing cellulite.  The syndrome of ‘heavy legs’ and the formation of cellulite are associated with a decrease in blood circulation and a lymphat..
Apparatus Rotary vibrational compression Beautylizer Design
Ex Tax: 21,300.00€
Out Of Stock
Rotary vibrational compression with spheresInnovative Method of reducing cellulite.  The syndrome of ‘heavy legs’ and the formation of cellulite are associated with a decrease in blood circulation and a lymphat..
ASN Salon Trolley
Ex Tax: 155.00€
Trolley N-03, S-02, S-03, E-03 with shelves is attractive and effective in keeping your supplies and tools organized as you work. With various shelves and spaces, you can optimize your work space however you’d like while also transportin..
Cotton Filters for microdermabrasion
Ex Tax: 5.00€
In Stock
50 PCS «∅» 11mm Cotton filter for diamond microdermabrasion machine..
Diamond microdermabrasion device, skin skrabber Alvi Prague A-03
Ex Tax: 750.00€
Out Of Stock
Functions: Diamond microdermabrasion. Skin skrabber.  ..
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