Apparatus Rotary vibrational compression Beautylizer

Apparatus Rotary vibrational compression Beautylizer
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Description Apparatus Rotary vibrational compression Beautylizer

Rotary vibrational compression with spheres

Innovative Method of reducing cellulite.

 The syndrome of ‘heavy legs’ and the formation of cellulite are associated with a decrease in blood circulation and a lymphatic drainage.

Beautylizer carefully but intensively restores blood flow and lymph circulation. This is due to the adjustable vibration-compression action of different frequencies.

On the surface of skin there is a huge number of receptors, which consists of a large number of nerve fibers and specific nerve formations, called encapsulated bodies.

The reaction of these bodies to vibration and compression ensures high efficiency of the procedure.

Beautylizer is a unit for rotary vibrational compression treatment. It sculpts the body, reduces volumes and fat, improves physical well-being and fights cellulite. It is an effective alternative to painful plastic surgery methods, such as liposuction.
Is based on rotating special silicone spheres that are shaped in the form of honeycombs, which create a vibrational and compressive action. Multiple vibrations create a pump effect, which creates a strong wave of lymphatic drainage.
The method of rotary vibrational compression of spheres (RVCS) is based on the mechanical effect on the derma and is aimed at reducing adipocytes and the destruction of genoyd lypodysrophy. The complete cycle of treatment reduces the «orange peel appearance» significantly. Tissues renovate and oxygenate, and the turgor improves and skin becoming more elastic.

• Fabulous results even at the 3rd and 4th steps of cellulite

• Stunning effectiveness in terminating fat layers

• Helps loose weight and decreases body volumes by 2 sizes

• Effectively eliminates cellulite marks at every stage

• Straightens skin and scars, and reduces flabbiness and sagging

• Detox effect activates the metabolism

• Relief from muscle aches and spasms

• Improves blood recirculation and vessel tone

 Deep non-invasive atraumatic effect on the derma, subcutaneous fatty tissue, and muscles. Effective for: Cellulite treatment, flabby skin, lymphatic and venous congestion. Recommended session duration: 60–75 minutes. The time may be changed according to patient`s peculiarities. The optimal session frequency is twice per week for 3 to 6 weeks. (6/12 sessions) Cosmetic use. Anticellulite effect, skin tonic effect, local fatty deposits, and slimming. SPORT USE MASSAGE SESSION, preparation of athletes for competition, and muscle pain


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Specification Apparatus Rotary vibrational compression Beautylizer

Dimensions of the box60h60h140
Gross Weight70 kg
Housing dimensions45h45h120
Input Voltage220-240V / 50Hz; 100-120V / 60Hz
Power270 watts
Product Details
Dimensions (L x W x H)600.00cm x 600.00cm x 1,200.00cm

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