Aparats Photoepilation Alvi Prague IP-200 plus

Aparats Photoepilation Alvi Prague IP-200 plus




Aparats Photoepilation Alvi Prague IP-200


Aparats Photoepilation Alvi Prague IP-300

Aparats Photoepilation Alvi Prague IP-200 plus

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Brand: Alvi Prague
Product Code: Alvi Prague IP-200 plus
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Multifunctional IPL systems from Alvi Prague, with atraumatic solution of the most complicated problem of hair removal in all parts of the body, effectively eliminates inflammatory skin diseases, various aesthetic imperfections, skin aging of different types. We are Czech manufacturer and we offer the IP-200 + photoepilation machine at affordable manufacturer price.

Special Features of the machine

In IP-200+ there is an effective SHR method of ultra-fast saturation of melanin in active hair rods and follicles with light energy density from 10 to 60 J / cm2, which is generated by pure sapphire. As a result of high-frequency laser pulses (length from 415 to 1200 nm), a critical heating of the pigment occurs, which actively transfers heat to the growth zone of the hair (matrix), thereby destroying it.

To ensure that the equipment for photoepilation does not exert excessive thermal influence on the epidermis and dermis, in parallel with the light beam, internal radiofrequency heating with RF waves is used, which also contribute to complex photorejuvenation of the skin. This technique of combining intense pulsed light and radio wave radiation is called E-light (IPL + RF) and allows hair removal of any type, including light and gray hair. At the same time, the risks of depigmentation of the skin and burns are minimized.

Additional benefits of IP-200+

Due to special nozzle kit, a convenient touch screen LCD (14.5 inches), smart settings of frequency  (0.2-2 Hz) and pulse width (0.5-15 ms), the IP-200 + has an additional aesthetic benefits such as treatment of acne skin, acne scars, pigment spots, spider veins (E-light +), which makes the machine unique in its range.


Acne and post-acne

spider veins

small wrinkles and ptosis;

scars and stretch marks;

enlarged pores and excessive sebum;


skin aging and loss of skin tightness;

photoaging and sagging skin.

Complex cooling system (air, semiconductor, liquid) provides the possibility of long-term life of the machine without the risk of overheating and provides absence of discomfort during the treatment.

Treatment description

The average treatment time is 30-40 minutes. During the treatment, an unpleasant tingling sensation is possible, which is enhanced by the treatment of particularly sensitive areas. That's why it is recommended to use an anesthetic cream when working with clients with low pain threshold.

During one session, it is possible to destroy only active hair follicles, which constitute up to 15% of their total number. To permanently remove unwanted hair on a particular area of the face or body, you need a course of 7-8 treatment at intervals of 6-8 weeks.

Having decided to buy an IP-200 + photorejuvenation machine from Alvi Prague, you receive a long-term manufacturer's warranty, comprehensive service support.

Dimensions of the box 60h60h14
Gross Weight 70 kg
Housing dimensions 45h45h120
Input Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz; 100-120V / 60Hz
Power 270 watts

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