The oxygen therapy and jet peel beauty machine  Alvi Prague AV-7000

The oxygen therapy and jet peel beauty machine Alvi Prague AV-7000




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The oxygen therapy and jet peel beauty machine Alvi Prague AV-7000

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European company Alvi Prague is a world-famous manufacturer of innovative and high-quality equipment for holistic skin care, healing and regeneration of facial and body skin. 
The OxyProMedical AV-7000 multifunctional machine.
Features of the machine
The AV-7000  is characterized by the variability of the complete sets and combines several progressive, effective and safe aesthetic techniques:
-jet peel (aquapilling);
-oxygen mesotherapy (needle-free mesotherapy)
-oxygen therapy

The device is equipped with a reliable compressor Gardner Denver Thomas (Germany) and a proprietary system of molecular lithium-ionic sieves (short-cycle adsorption technology), which allow to create a continuous air flow (15 l / min) with oxygen concentration from 96-99% at a pressure of up to 10 bar. To protect the equipment from overheating and instant cooling of the injected air, slow-moving multiblade coolers are used. The total noise level from the operating device does not exceed 50 dB, which is comparable with the volume of ordinary conversation.
Benefits of AV-7000 include:
The AV-7000 does not require the use and refueling of bulky cylinders. Has protection against unauthorized access (key) and emergency shutdown button.  Suitable touch screen with current parameters, an intelligent and easy to use interface for selecting settings, predefined work protocols.
Modern oxygen therapy is completely painless and is effectively used for the treatment and therapy of the following skin blemishes:

  • skin aging;
  • pigment spots and uneven skin complexion;
  • fine lines and wrinkles;
  • dry or oily skin;
  • skin puffiness and low tone of tissues:
  • inflammatory diseases of the skin, including acne and comedones.

Thanks to the universality of the device, it is also possible to rejuvenate and improve the overall health and influence the regeneration process of damaged cells. Due to innovative technique of oxygen mesotherapy, it becomes possible to intake medical preparations and skin care products into the deep dermis without injuries and discomfort.
For this aim, a spray gun and a directed oxygen jet with a pressure of up to 8 bar are used. Also the accessories kit includes special nozzles for intradermal infusion of pure O2.
Get peel option.
Jet peel option  provides deep skin cleansing and peeling of the epidermis by a directed air jet and saline solution. The special design of the device allows using oxygen as one of the components of the mixture, which significantly increases the efficiency of the procedure and promotes saturation of the skin with useful compounds.
Having decided to buy a multifunctional device AV-7000 (oxygen therapy + jet peel) by Alvi Prague TM you receive a long-term manufacturer's guarantee, quality service support. We ship the machines worldwide.

Enhance your custom service with our beauty equipment!

Input power  500-1000 W.
Pressure created by the compressor - max 10,0 bar
The pressure created on the patient's skin is up to 5.5bar
Oxygen pressure - 1,5 bar
The consumption of oxygen is 15 l / min
Oxygen saturation: 0.5 - 5 l / min 95% 3%
                                                         5 - 10 l / min 90% 3%
                                                        10 - 15 l / min 75% 3%
Air flow -> 280 m / s
Voltage - 220V, 50Hz
Humidity: 30-65%
Atmospheric pressure: 700-1060 kPa

Pump protection against overheating 85 ° C;
Air pressure 90 kPa ~ 8 MPa;
Gross Weight 23 kg
Housing dimensions 30 * 32 * 50 cm;
Input Voltage C 200-260V ± 10%, 50Hz / 60Hz; AC9 0-130V ± 10%, 50Hz / 60Hz, 20A;
Power 70 watts
The air flow rate 280 m / s;

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