Cold-heat therapy

Devices with the function of cold / heat is used to raise the tone of vessels, removing puffiness, soothing after invasive procedures.

Therapy / cooling is based on the contrast of temperatures (from 0 to 50 ° C), causing the vessels to constrict and relax, doing a kind of gymnastics, thereby activating their work.

Cold is the main function; It is used as a final treatment to soothe the skin after harsh peels, cleansing scrubs application, mesotherapy.

As a result of the cold skin of the face, chest, neck, calms down. Heat treatment is a function of the preliminary procedure before cleaning. In this case the pores expands, cosmetics penetrate into the skin better and faster.

Exchange the body processes are accelerated under the influence of heat and cold, improves microcirculation of the blood vessels, swelling out, improving skin color.


Multifunctional beauty device Alvi Prague E-4
Ex Tax: 1,115.00€
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Multifunctional beauty device Alvi Prague E-6
Ex Tax: 1,570.00€
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Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague N-06
Ex Tax: 1,650.00€
Needle-free Mesotherapy: Needle-free mesotherapy – is an ideal treatment for aging skin, helps to fight the dryness, acne, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Active medicine cocktail applied directly to the skin, and then it is treated with a sp..
Hot and cold therapy Alvi Prague T-05
Ex Tax: 210.00€
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Portable beauty machine of hot and cold treatment is ideal for both home and professional care. Features:       - A portable (20 cm x 6 cm)       - Very easy to use       - You can adjust the temp..
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