Darsonval Alvi Prague T-10

Darsonval Alvi Prague T-10




Apparatus Rotary vibrational compression Beautylizer


Device for permanent make-up DRAGON Black edition

Darsonval Alvi Prague T-10

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High Frequency therapy is a unique procedure that could be used individually or combined with other aesthetic treatment.

The first step before running the procedure is to clean the facial skin of the patient. In case of treating the other skin areas, cleaning is not necessary. The cosmetologist gently treats the necessary skin area slowly increasing the power of the device. The patients feel comfortable tingling on the treated skin surface. High Frequency Machine T-10 has a lot of different nozzles that allow to treat different skin areas.

High Frequency Machine T-10 applies high frequency current to the body to treat a number of aesthetic skin problems. Simple non-invasive treatment procedure shows great results in treating facial and body skin blemishes.

  • It eliminates acne and pitted acne scars
  • It reduces skin irritation
  • It reduces wrinkles
  • It improves skin tightening
  • It kills bacteria and virus
  • It heals wounds
  • It facilitates hair growth,
  • It eliminates skin puffiness, cellulite etc.


  • Painlessness
  • Simplicity in use
  • Compatibility with other types of skin aesthetic treatment
  • Big choice of nozzles
  • Absence of side-effects
  • For any age group of patients

Contra indications

  • Vascular diseases
  • All types of cancer
  • Excessive hair growth on face
  • Coagulation failure
Dimensions of the box 35h29,5h24,5
Gross Weight 3.5 kg
Housing dimensions 30h20,5h6
Input Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz; 100-120V / 60Hz
Power 100 watts

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