Diode laser HM-DL-100 1600w
Ex Tax: 11,990.00€
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Diode Laser Hair Removal Diode laser HM-DL-100  1600w is the safest and fastest at present.HM-DL-100  755 808 1064nm Diode laser hair removal machine is mainly for professional hair removal. Such as permanently remove lip hair, bea..
Diode Laser Spider Vein Removal Machine Alvi Prague DLS-980
Ex Tax: 5,200.00€
Diode laser spider vein removal machine DLS - 980  Principle of laser energy transfer: Fiber optic cable       Wavelength: 980 nm       Output power: Within the range 1-30 ..
Laser tattoo removal Alvi Prague TL-500
4,235.00€ 5,445.00€
Ex Tax: 3,500.00€
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 Features of the TL-500.The laser has three wavelengths: 1064nm, 532 nm and 1320 nm.-  1064 nm is for treatment of the color in black, dark, blue pigmentation of the skin; removes and brightens pigment spots, is used to treat ..
Lipo Laser PL-650
Ex Tax: 2,900.00€
Laser lipolysisLCD touch screen.Laser wavelength: 650 nm (diode laser).Diode pads: large (10pcs), small (4pcs).Areas of application: abdomen, thighs, buttocks, body, lower leg, back, double chin.Power: 50 mW.Voltage: 100-240V, 20A..
Diode laser Alvi DL-6000 mini
Ex Tax: 13,000.00€
Diode Laser Hair Removal Alvi DL- 6000 miniTechnical Parameters:Wavelength: 808 nmSpot size: 15 * 15 mmPulse Width: 10-400 msEnergy Density  100 J / cm²Pulse Frequency: 1-10 HzCooling Mode: cooling sapphire tip, air and wat..
Diode laser Alvi DL-7000
Ex Tax: 16,620.00€
Diode Laser Hair Removal Alvi DL- 7000Technical Parameters:Wavelength: 808 nmSpot size: 10 * 10 mmPulse Width: 10-400 msEnergy Density  5-50 J / cm²Pulse Frequency: 1-10 HzCooling Mode: cooling sapphire tip, air and wa..
Diode laser Alvi DL-8000
Ex Tax: 15,300.00€
 9 reasons to choose the DL-8000 Diode LaserLarge spot size 12x12 mmAdditional head with spot size 4x4 mmThe unique system of cooling the surface of the skin to - 2 °CIncreased service life of the diode laser - up to 50 million..
Fractional lazer CO2 MED-X
Ex Tax: 14,550.00€
Fractional laser is specially designed for advanced and holistic skin rejuvenation and restoration as well as for neoplasm, scarring and cicatrical tissue removal.  Each pulse of the laser delivers a column of energy that can reach the sk..
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