Microcurrent face lift beauty equipment Alvi Prague  PREMIUM-XD-1000

Microcurrent face lift beauty equipment Alvi Prague PREMIUM-XD-1000


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Microcurrent face lift beauty equipment Alvi Prague T-15

Microcurrent face lift beauty equipment Alvi Prague PREMIUM-XD-1000

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Brand: Alvi Prague
Product Code: PREMIUM-XD-1000
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Microcurrent therapy is impact on the weak electrical impulses in the range of 40 to 1000 mA. It has a very high efficiency and minimal contraindications. Soft micro physiological effects useful for the young and for aging skin and is an excellent way to prevent wrinkles and rejuvenate. In addition, these procedures have a nice relaxing effect and is considered harmless and safe.
Many people compare the effect of micro-processing facial skin rejuvenation effect of deep restful sleep. Microcurrent therapy is completely physiological process, so it eliminates the possibility of muscle damage, deterioration of facial wrinkles and sagging skin, which is an advantage compared with traditional myostimulation. Even the first procedure provides a visible lifting effect and improves skin.

The PREMIUM XD-1000 Innovating Premium Technology from ALVI Prague!
-15 programs for face and body work, the necessary waves, polarity, frequency and current intensity are automatically automatically selected.
-Go program - Manual setting
- 100% efficiency
- Easy to use. You select only the program, all other settings are already programmed automatically
- Modern design and high profitability
- visible and long result after 1 procedure
-guard and after-sales service

- facial treatments:
facial correction, cosmetic treatment dry, oily, swollen and devitalized skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, plastic surgery rehabilitation, iontophoresis, lymphatic drainage.
- body treatment:
removal of cellulite, lifting (breast, hands, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, lower limbs, whole body).

Current strength: from 40 μA to 750 μA
Frequency range from 1 Hz to 300 Hz
Polarity: positive, negative, variable;

Dimensions of the box 35h29,5h24,5
Gross Weight 3.5 kg
Housing dimensions 30h20,5h6
Input Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz; 100-120V / 60Hz
Power 70 watts

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