Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague Famous 7 in 1

Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague Famous 7 in 1
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Description Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague Famous 7 in 1

Famous Multifunctional Aesthetic System is Alvi Prague’s brand new machine of Luxury Edition series. The functionality of the machine allows you to perform the seven most popular treatments to combat the signs of aging, rejuvenation and elimination of aesthetic defects and imperfections of the skin.

Sleek design, seven sought after functions, unsurpassed ergonomics

The best engineers and designers of the world famous brand Alvi Prague worked on the creation of the Famous Aesthetic System. You will be enjoyed with the results and the quality of treatments!

Famous Multifunctional Aesthetic System: 7 functions in one device

Famous gives you the power and reliability to perform countless profitable procedures with confidence. This versatile machine combines:

• Stylish design. This is an important factor. The equipment emphasizes your beauty salon's exclusivity and makes facial and body treatments even more enjoyable.

• Compact dimensions. Due to its high ergonomics, the equipment does not clutter up the office and will be appropriate even in small rooms.

• Advanced functionality. As already mentioned, the Famous performs seven professional skin care treatments to combat the signs of aging.

• Quality materials. Handles are made of durable materials that are resistant to sterilization, in addition, all elements are highly aesthetically pleasing.

Luxury salon with Alvi Prague equipment

Thanks to the extended functionality of the Famous platform and the high efficiency of treatments, you can attract more customers who value quality and exclusive service.

You can buy just one multifunctional system, and you will be able to offer a unique program for each patient, depending on the type and condition of the skin.

Famous will quickly return your investments and bring you stable profits.

Prices from the manufacturer, service in our own centers.

All our multifunctional equipment is provided with a warranty for a period of 18 months. Service maintenance is carried out throughout the entire service life.

All devices are pre-tested. An additional quality guarantee is a strict multi-stage control at all production stages.

The most popular and effective facial treatments in one machine

• Microcurrents.
• Non-invasive mesotherapy.
• Heat and cryotherapy.
• Ultrasonic scrubber.
• Galvanic currents.
• Non-invasive carboxytherapy.



ultrasonic peeling;

theramal; cryotherapy;

non invasive carboxy therapy;


microcurrent therapy; galvanic therapy;

iontophoresis; desincrustation

Needle-free mesotherapy


0,2-30 mА

Current frequency

2,5-5 kHz

Number of intensity level settings


Ultrasonic scrubber

Ultrasonic frequency

27÷28 kHz

Operation modes


Settings of ultrasonic vibration


Hot-cold therapy

Hot-cold handle

maximum temperature of the heating surface: 50 ± 1 °C;

minimum temperature of the cooling surface: ≤ 0 °C;

diameter of working surfaces: 29,4 mm

Carboxy therapy

Mechanical vibration frequency

50 Hz

Number of intensity level settings


Microcurrent therapy

Number of operation modes

4 modes

Operation modes

reprogramming of mimic muscles;


lifting of face, neck , body;

lymphatic drainage


10-750 μA

Pulse form

Triangular bipolar

Pulse frequency

1-300 Hz

Number of intensity level settings



Output voltage

1-30 V

Output current

up to 6,5 mА

Number of intensity level settings


Parameters of the machine

Network parameters

220-240 V / 50 Hz

Power input

65 W max.

Protection class


Net dimensions (Width*Length*Height)


Net weight

10,75 kg


Tags: Cosmetic equipment,Alvi Prague

Specification Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague Famous 7 in 1

Dimensions of the box35h29,5h24,5
Gross Weight3.5 kg
Housing dimensions30h20,5h6
Input Voltage220-240V / 50Hz; 100-120V / 60Hz
Power70 watts
Product Details
Dimensions (L x W x H)700.00cm x 400.00cm x 250.00cm

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