Dizinfection AERODESIN 2000 1L

Dizinfection AERODESIN 2000 1L




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Dizinfection AERODESIN 2000 1L

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Aerodesin 2000

Alcoholic disinfectant for quick disinfection of small and hard to reach surfaces, tools and objects. 

Product characteristics: 
- a wide biobooth spectrum, combats bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses 
- fast operation time 
- easily reaches hard to reach places and gaps 
- disinfection can be carried out by spraying or wiping 
- convenient and fast form of application - each 1 liter bottle is equipped with a spray tip 
- has a pleasant delicate fragrance 
- it will not leave stains, streaks or deposits on disinfected surfaces 
- ready-to-use preparation - it must not be diluted 
- high efficiency - using a 1 liter preparation, you can disinfect 20 - 30 sq m 
Chemical composition: 
100 g of the preparation contains: 1-propanol - 32.5, ethanol - 18 g, glutaldehyde - 0.1 g 
Application: preparation ready for use - do not dilute. Disinfect the surfaces to be disinfected evenly with the preparation (max. 50 ml / m2) by spraying or using a soaked cloth. Spray the surfaces with the preparation from a distance of approx. 30 cm. Dispose of a maximum of 2 m2 of the surface at once. Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol (eg plexiglass, some plastics, paint coatings, varnishes). In case of doubts, attempt to influence the preparation on the given surface. Wear protective gloves when handling the product.

Accepted by all sanepids. 
Distributor MEDILAB, producer Lysoform GmbH Germany

Capacity: 1l

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