Gas-liquid peeling

Gas-liquid peeling

Oxygen-Jet Peeling machine Alvi Prague AV-1100
Ex Tax: 3,200.00€
AV-1100 aqua jet peeling beauty machine provides skin peeling. AV-1100 aqua jet peeling beauty machineaqua jet peelingneedle-free mesotherapy ..
Oxygen-Jet Peeling machine Alvi Prague AV-2000
Ex Tax: 3,700.00€
Out Of Stock
AV-2000 aqua jet peeling beauty machineaqua jet peelingultrasonic therapy ..
The gas-liquid peeling Alvi Prague AV-3500
Ex Tax: 5,800.00€
European company Alvi Prague is a world-famous manufacturer of innovative and high-quality equipment for holistic skin care, healing and regeneration of facial and body skin.Aqua jet peeling machine AV-3500 is an amazing combination of jet peelin..
The gas-liquid peeling Alvi Prague AV-4000
Ex Tax: 7,700.00€
Functions:Aqua-jet peeling Needle-free mesotherapy Skin analyzer comb for hair keratin nutrition Spray gun for insertion Technical parameters:Power: 550W Air pressure: 90 kPa- 8mPa Air speed: >280m/sec Weight: 23kg Voltage: AC 200-2..
The oxygen therapy and jet peel beauty machine Alvi Prague AV-7000
Ex Tax: 9,300.00€
The OxyPro AV-7000 multifunctional machine.Features of the machineThe AV-7000  is characterized by the variability of the complete sets and combines several progressive, effective and safe aesthetic techniques:-jet peel (aquapilling);-oxy..
Spray Gun for AQUA-JET Peel
Ex Tax: 45.00€
It is used for contactless processing of skin by a stream of the micronized liquid mixed with pure gaseous oxygen. It is applied to rehabilitation of skin after various aggressive influences, such as cleaning, a mesotherapy, peelings, burns after a..
The spray Pen for Oxygen Jet Peel
Ex Tax: 35.00€
In Stock
Applications:Skin rejuvenation, remove facial bemish, tighten large hair pores, deeply cleaning and improve the flexibility and tone of skin. Scar removal: remove scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc. Wirnkle removal: remove fine li..
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