Darsonval Spark-117

Darsonval Spark-117




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Darsonval Spark-117

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Brand: EMS Сorporation
Product Code: SD-117 Spark
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Darsonval "Spark-117" – product, that combines the features and functionality of multiple devices. The apparatus Darsonval "Spark-117" has a wide range of applications and is effective not only for prevention but also for the treatment of specific diseases. Treatment d'arsonval completely safe and virtually painless. The secret of Darsonval "Spark-117" is the technique of special electromassage short (50 MS) pulses of high frequency (110 kHz) and voltage (20 kV), but low amperage (up to 0.02 mA), which produce a pleasant, soothing sensation in the body. The light case of the device d'arsonval "Spark-117" made in the form of a plastic cylinder with a diameter of 3 cm, which is easy to hold in hand.
Different nozzles (electrodes) will help in solving hair loss, improve circulation, eliminate problems with the skin, smooth fine lines, improve complexion, etc.
The set of d'arsonval apparatus "Spark-117" includes 3 electrodes: a fungus, a comb, a rektal.
Darsonval Spark-117 — one of the few devices providing possibility of smooth adjustment of tension at the exit in the range from 2 to 20 kV with a constant frequency of following of packs of impulses of 100±5 Hz and exact frequency of filling of packs of impulses of 110±5 kHz.

The device Darsonval "Spark-117" treats:
- hemorrhoids, trophic ulcers, not healing wounds, abscess, cystitis;
- acne rash, furuncles, warts, problem skin;
- varicosity, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, intercostal neuralgia;
- hematomas, hypostases after operations;
- mimic wrinkles, cellulitis;
- herpetic rashes, a skin itch;
- hair loss, dandruff, periodontosis (and its forms), migraine, sleeplessness, stresses;
-  allergic cold;
- arthritis of joints, lymphadenitis, neuralgia of a facial nerve.

The medical effect from use of the device of Darsonval "Spark-117" is swept up after  2-3 procedures for 5-7 minutes everyone.
Technical characteristics:
Diameter – 3 cm.
Length – 17 cm.
Weight – 150 гр.
you can use Darsonval's device everywhere - houses, at work, in a physical therapy office, in beauty shop, in a hairdressing salon, in sanatoria, at schools, kindergartens.
Darsonval "Spark-117 " is safe in work and can be used in house conditions without special preparation.

- at pregnancy;
- oncology;
- violations of coagulability of blood and tendency to bleedings;
- carrying pacemaker;
- epilepsy;
- skin hypersensitivity;
- a girsutizm (strongly increased level of growth of hair in the person);
- existence of hypodermic implants;
- tuberculosis of lungs;
- manifestation of a kuperoz;
- feverish diseases.

Complete set:
The device – 1 pcs.
Electrodes - 3 pieces (a fungus, a hairbrush, rektal electrode).
The instruction with detailed the description of procedures and electrodes (RUS).

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