Darsonval Spark-117

Darsonval Spark-117




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Darsonval Spark-117

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Brand: EMS Сorporation
Product Code: SD-117 Spark
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Darsonval "Spark-117" – product, that combines the features and functionality of multiple devices. The apparatus Darsonval "Spark-117" has a wide range of applications and is effective. The secret of Darsonval "Spark-117" is the technique of special electromassage short (50 MS) pulses of high frequency (110 kHz) and voltage (20 kV), but low amperage (up to 0.02 mA), which produce a pleasant, soothing sensation in the body. The light case of the device d'arsonval "Spark-117" made in the form of a plastic cylinder with a diameter of 3 cm, which is easy to hold in hand.

The set of d'arsonval apparatus "Spark-117" includes 3 electrodes: a fungus, a comb, a rektal.
Darsonval Spark-117 — one of the few devices providing possibility of smooth adjustment of tension at the exit in the range from 2 to 20 kV with a constant frequency of following of packs of impulses of 100±5 Hz and exact frequency of filling of packs of impulses of 110±5 kHz.


The effect from use of the device of Darsonval "Spark-117" is swept up after 2-3 procedures for 5-7 minutes everyone.
Technical characteristics:
Diameter – 3 cm.
Length – 17 cm.
Weight – 150 гр.

Darsonval "Spark-117 " is safe in work and can be used in house conditions without special preparation.

- at pregnancy;
- oncology;
- violations of coagulability of blood and tendency to bleedings;
- carrying pacemaker;
- epilepsy;
- skin hypersensitivity;
- a girsutizm (strongly increased level of growth of hair in the person);
- existence of hypodermic implants;
- tuberculosis of lungs;
- manifestation of a kuperoz;
- feverish diseases.

Complete set:
The device – 1 pcs.
Electrodes - 3 pieces (a fungus, a hairbrush, rektal electrode).
The instruction with detailed the description of procedures and electrodes (RU

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