Darsonval Ultratek SD-199

Darsonval Ultratek SD-199




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Darsonval Ultratek SD-199

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Darsonval "Ultratek SD-199" - The physiotherapeutic device that combines the features and capabilities of multiple devices.
Darsonval Ultratek SD 199 is an apparatus for Darsonvolisation in the segment of premium class in Russia. The block Dorsonvalya Ultratek machine power embedded voltage regulator, therefore, during the procedure to maintain an optimal voltage, eliminating a possible drop in the efficiency of the device, and vice versa "unexpected" electric shocks, unacceptable for professional use of the device in cosmetology and medical practice.
Darsonval - is a complex device that supports beauty and health of your body. It is the only one on the market personal adapted design approach. Light, pleasant to the hand body. The housing is made in the form of a convenient plastic cylinder with a diameter of 3 cm, which is comfortable to hold even the smallest female palm. The weight of the device - only 300 grams.
Ultratek SD 199 single personal, supplied which includes cosmetic Beach, which is convenient not only to store the appliance but take it with you to the cottage and travel. Darsonval will always be at hand and help to keep your beauty and health in any conditions. Darsonval Ultratek unique device, the efficiency of which is recognized beauticians worldwide.
Apparatus Darsonval "Ultratek SD-199" has a wide range of applications and is effective for the prevention. Darsonval treatment is completely safe and virtually painless. Apparatus secret is a special procedure electromassage short (50 ms) bell-shaped pulses of high frequency (110 kHz) and voltage (20 kV), but a small current (up to 0.02 mA) that cause pleasant soothing feeling in the human body. Easy d'Arsonval the housing "Ultratek SD-199" is in the form of a plastic cylinder with a diameter of 3 cm, which is comfortable to hold in hand.
Different tips (electrodes) will help in solving the problem of hair loss, improve blood circulation, eliminate the problems with the skin, smooth out wrinkles, improve skin tone, etc.
Kit d'Arsonval apparatus "Ultratek SD-199" includes electrodes 5: a fungus, a comb, a curved stick, the ear and the spinal electrode slingshot.
Darsonval Ultratech - one of the few devices, enabling step less adjustment of the output voltage in the range of 2 to 20 kV with a constant repetition frequency bursts 100 ± 5 Hz and accurate carrier frequency bursts 110 ± 5 kHz.

The therapeutic effect of the apparatus d'Arsonval "Ultratek SD-199" is noticeable after 2-3 for 5-7 minutes each procedure.
Technical data:
Diameter - 3 cm.
Length - 17 cm.
Weight - 300 grams.

Darsonval "Ultratek SD-199" is safe to use and can be used at home without any special training.
- pregnancy;
- Oncology;
- Disorders of blood clotting and bleeding tendency;
- Diseases of the cardiovascular system, arrhythmia, wearing a pacemaker;
- Epilepsy;
- Skin hypersensitivity;
- Hirsutism (highly elevated levels of hair growth on the face);
- The presence of subcutaneous implants;
- pulmonary tuberculosis;
- A manifestation of rosacea;
- Febrile diseases.
The unit - 1pc.
Electrodes - 5 pcs (fungus, a comb, a curved stick, the ear and the spinal electrode slingshot).
Guide with a detailed description of the procedures and the electrodes.
Manufacturer's warranty 2 years.

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