STERILIZER UV-C black towel warmer

STERILIZER UV-C black towel warmer
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Description STERILIZER UV-C black towel warmer

A professional towel warmer with a UV sterilizer, useful in tattoo studios, spas, larger beauty parlors and massage parlors.The large internal sizes allow you to put several towels of different sizes.
Technical data:
power - 200W
heating of towels 70-80 degrees Celsius
package dimensions 50 * 35 * 42

Tags: Cosmetic equipment,China

Specification STERILIZER UV-C black towel warmer

Dimensions of the box60 * 45 * 52
Gross Weight5,5 kg
Housing dimensions50 * 35 * 42
Input Voltage220-240V / 50Hz; 100-120V / 60Hz
Power200 watts
Product Details
Dimensions (L x W x H)35.00cm x 27.00cm x 22.00cm

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