Vacuum therapy device Alvi Prague T-01

Vacuum therapy device Alvi Prague T-01




Vacuum therapy and diamond dermabrasion device Alvi Prague V-02


Vacuum therapy device and Diamond Microdermabrasion GIOVANNI IB6000

Vacuum therapy device Alvi Prague T-01

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Brand: Alvi Prague
Product Code: Alvi Prague T-01
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  • Vacuum-rolling massage (face, body)

Vacuum massage combines both cosmetological and therapeutic effect, which influences on body and skin tissues. This aesthetic treatment helps to solve different problems such as cellulite on the areas of thigh and buttons. Also such kind of massage is highly effective as a treatment of back pain, collar zone pain, low back pain, neck pain.

Vacuum massage stimulates blood circulation, has decongestive effect and improves the process of myotrophy. As the result, blood surged to the skin tissues and organs. This process facilitates metabolic process in human body. Skin becomes more firm, improves skin tonicity, contractile muscle functions. Vacuum massage stimulates metabolic process in fatty tissues. Lymph drainage effect of the vacuum massage decongest edema. This is one of the most important factors while the cellulite treatment is done.

Vacuum massage is recommended:

  • Breast beauty care, improvement of breast shape
  • Facial care: acne, comedones removal, under-eye circle and fatty pad treatment
  • Body care: skin elasticity improvement
  • Belly area care: facilitates weight loss, provides lift restructuring treatment
  • Therapeutic effect: it stimulates lymph drainage, metabolic process, elimination of toxins and cleavage products from the body.

Contra indications

  • Rosacea
  • Open wound on skin surface
  • Diabetes
  • Herpes and active dermatosis

Gross Weight 7 kg
Housing dimensions 38×37×38 cm
Input Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz; 100-120V / 60Hz
Modes of work pulse and continuous
Power 60 watts

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