Professional cosmetics "Geltek"

Professional cosmetics "Geltek" for  cosmetology

Active Lifting Serum
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Active Skin Tightening Sculpting Serum has powerful lipolytic and skin tightening effects, smoothing the facial contours and making them more defined. It contains caffeine, which promotes active lymphatic drainage and lipolysis. A unique complex of..
Anti-Redness Gel
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With its unique combination of active ingredients, the gel has a strong effect on the blood vessels, reducing skin redness, restoring microcirculation, dissolving spider veins, and returning the smoothness, beauty and natural color to the face. &nb..
Antioxidant cocktail " VitaMatrix"
Ex Tax: 13.47€
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Blefarogel 2
Ex Tax: 6.02€
 An indispensable tool for the treatment of eyelid demodicosis and blepharitis - inflammations of the eyelid edges accompanied by itching and loss of eyelashes. Geltek-Blepharon 2 contains sulfur which cleanses the gland outflow ducts on the e..
Ex Tax: 4.06€
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Eyelid care lotion. It cleans the eyelid skin, has antibacterial and antiedemic effects, improves metabolism and blood flow to the eyelid skin, cleans the gland outflow ducts on the edges of the eyelids and normalizes their secretion, increases ski..
Cleansing mousse with Aloe Vera
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Eye cream-serum with lifting effect
Ex Tax: 14.00€
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Gel "Demoten"
Ex Tax: 11.43€
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Anti-demodex gel for facial skin care. Recommended for preventing and treating of inflammatory skin diseases of different origins: acne, acneiform rash, couperosis, demodicosis. Features anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, cleansing, moisturizing an..
Gel disinfestation
Ex Tax: 8.93€
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The desincrustation gel is ionized for use with galvanic current procedures. The product contains such components as polyvinylpyrrolidone, which absorbs contaminants, and Aloe Vera latex, known for its anti-inflammatory activity. The gel is also su..
Gel-scrub “Orange Power”
Ex Tax: 12.06€
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Gel scrub is a soft exfoliant for the body, used to regularly stimulate the renewal function of the skin, as a means before depilation and to prevent hair ingrowth between depilation procedures, as well as to provide a more even tan before insolati..
Low-molecular hyaluronic acid 2% Gel-Concetrate
Ex Tax: 14.95€
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The main active ingredient of the concentrate gel is low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. It easily penetrates the skin, actively affects wrinkles and smoothes them, and stimulates the skin cellsto produce natural hyaluronic acid. Due to its high ..
MioFix Gel
Ex Tax: 14.09€
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The gel quickly and effectively solves the problem of expresson lines - it has a mild muscle relaxant effect that reduces the depth of wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and restores its elasticity and tightness. One of the active components of the gel..
Miorelax Serum
Ex Tax: 19.10€
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Miorelax is an intensive serum with a Botulinum Toxin A-resembling effect. It is designed to reduce the depth of existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones. Miorelax Serum contains Argireline peptide which is absorbed into the deepest ..
Modeling, ultrasound procedures use Gel
Ex Tax: 44.29€
The active ingredients in the gel make it highly effective for treating cellulitis. Iodized hydrolyzate of corn protein and fucus extract break down excess fats, ruscus extract has an anti-puffiness effect, guarana extract improves microcirculation..
Moisturizing Gel
Ex Tax: 8.48€
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Highmolecularweight hyaluronic acid actively moisturizes the surface layers of the skin and restores the hydrolipidic film. Aloe Vera latexboosts the immune function of skin cells and provides a source of essential micronutrients. The gel can be us..
Serums ProbioSkin
Ex Tax: 17.03€
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Thermo-Intensive anti-cellulite gel
Ex Tax: 29.72€
Anti-cellulite gel Thermo-Intensive is a gel for the skin of the body with a pronounced warming effect, recommended for use in cellulite, including edematous and edematous-fibrous forms, overweight, the effect of"orange peel".Active ingredients o..
 Gel anti-cellulite for electromyostimulation
Ex Tax: 44.29€
This gel contains a unique pronalen-anticellulite complex (ruscus, guarana, lemon extracts, iodized hydrolyzate of corn protein). Iodized extensin has alipolytic effect, cytisus extract reduces swelling, guarana extract (containing caffeine) activa..
Ex Tax: 5.88€
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 An eyelid care product. Removes redness, itching, heaviness, effeciently cleanses the eyelids surface of scales and crusts, moisturizes the lid skin, mitigates fatigue, prevents stye. Geltek-Blepharon 1 is recommended for people who wear cont..
Catalog 2020 Geltek
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Cleansing Gel
Ex Tax: 11.34€
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The Geltek Cleansing Gel is a foaming cleanser that gently and effectively removes dirt, makeup and excess sebum from the face and the neck without tightening up and drying the skin. Due to the absense of any aggressive surface-acting agents, it is..
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