Serias "Anti-Acne"

Serias "Anti-Acne"

Gel for oily skin
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Oily Skin Care Gel is recommended to use to treat the active stage of acne. The gel contains sulfur, which successfully reduces the sebum secretion without disturbing the natural microflora, and has antiparasitic and antimicrobial effects. Aloe Ver..
Oily Skin Care Tonic
9.67€ 12.10€
Ex Tax: 7.99€
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Oily Skin Care Tonic is recommended to use to treat especially oily skin. It tightens the pores, normalizes the color and elasticity of the skin, minimizes inflammation. It is a perfect pore-tightening solution after a face cleansing of any kind. T..
Serums "Stop-Acne"
16.93€ 17.94€
Ex Tax: 13.99€
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Clear Skin Serum - a means for intensive and preventive skin care, prone to inflammation and pigmentation, including rosacea and demodecosis. Biologically active complex with azelaic acid and glycine inhibits the synthesis of melanin, blocking the ..
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