Thermo-Intensive anti-cellulite gel, 500 ml

Thermo-Intensive anti-cellulite gel, 500 ml
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Description Thermo-Intensive anti-cellulite gel, 500 ml

Anti-cellulite gel Thermo-Intensive is a gel for the skin of the body with a pronounced warming effect, recommended for use in cellulite, including edematous and edematous-fibrous forms, overweight, the effect of"orange peel".

Active ingredients of the gel-anti-cellulite complex pronalen (extracts of needle, guarana, lemon, iodized hydrolysate of corn protein), fucus extract, caffeine and L-carnitine provide anti-cellulite and antioxidant effects, anti-edema action and stimulation of skin renewal. Vasoactive extracts of horse chestnut, red grape leaves and troxerutin effectively improve blood circulation in the skin and thus stimulate the acceleration of lipolysis in the hypodermic. Centella asiatica extract in the gel improves skin regeneration, has anti-edematous and vasoconstrictive properties. Vanillyl butyl ether provides a soft but intense heating of the skin, without pronounced redness and discomfort, as a result of which blood flow, lymph flow and fat breakdown in the subcutaneous fat are stimulated. Depending on the manipulations performed before applying the gel (for example, scrubbing, heating with hot steam or water) and individual sensitivity, the intensity of heating can be different, and the duration of the thermal effect varies from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. The gel can be used in home and professional care. Suitable for all skin types.

Use the gel with caution for sensitive skin. When preheating the skin (in hot water, bath, sauna) and after scrubbing, the gel may give too intense heating. Do not use on damaged skin, do not use with pronounced varicose veins of the lower extremities, especially complicated by ulcers and inflammation, neoplasms of the skin and subcutaneous fat of the trunk and extremities, if the doctor prohibits thermal effects on the skin.

Active ingredients: extracts of fucus, horse chestnut, needle root, Centella asiatica, grape leaves, common ivy, buckwheat, troxerutin, iodized hydrolysate of corn protein, lemon extracts, guarana, caffeine, L-carnitine, vanillyl butyl ether.

Scope: professional and home care.

For professional care: when performing hardware and non-hardware cosmetology techniques, apply to cleansed skin with massage movements and perform the procedure, according to the Protocol, or wrap. After exposure (ideally 30 minutes), you can wash off the gel with water or remove it with a wet compress, or do not wash it off. If there are too pronounced sensations and discomfort, to reduce the intensity of heating, you can apply a smaller amount of gel or dilute it with non-heating agents (for example, gel with collagen hydrolysate and aloe Vera).

For home care: apply to the skin after taking a bath or shower, gently massaging in a circular motion, you can not wash off. You can also make a wrap with a film for 20-30 minutes, after exposure, the remains of the gel can either be distributed over the skin until completely absorbed, or washed off with water. After applying the gel, wash your hands and do not allow the gel to get into your eyes and mucous membranes.

Product form: 500ml vacuum bottle


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Specification Thermo-Intensive anti-cellulite gel, 500 ml

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