Series "Body-Care"


For many millennia women are at war with the nature for beauty of the body.
To facilitate this fight Geltek company created a special cosmetic series – “Body Care”.
A series consists of anti-cellulite means based on a unique "pronalen-anti-cellulite complex", contact environments for physical therapy, skin care products after depilation, preparations for massage.


Gel-scrub “Orange Power” 160ml
Ex Tax: 12.06€
Gel scrub is a soft exfoliant for the body, used to regularly stimulate the renewal function of the skin, as a means before depilation and to prevent hair ingrowth between depilation procedures, as well as to provide a more even tan before insolati..
Thermo-Intensive anti-cellulite gel, 500 ml
Ex Tax: 29.72€
Anti-cellulite gel Thermo-Intensive is a gel for the skin of the body with a pronounced warming effect, recommended for use in cellulite, including edematous and edematous-fibrous forms, overweight, the effect of"orange peel".Active ingredients o..
Gel with collagen hydrolyzate and the aloe vera for electromyostimulation 1000ml
Ex Tax: 62.68€
In Stock
Сollagen & Aloe Vera Gel improves microcirculation and metabolic processes not just in the treated area, but in the whole body, maintains muscle tone, reduces the weight and body size, removes toxins from the system, enhances muscle perfor..
Elcorapan Gel, 250ml
Ex Tax: 3.30€
In Stock
Thanks to the unique salts from Ostrovnoye mud lake, similar in chemical composition to the Dead Sea salts, the Elcorapan gel improves lymph and blood flow, boosts the regeneration of muscle and bone tissues, normalizes metabolic processes in the b..
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