Nourishing massage cream SPA-Orange

Nourishing massage cream SPA-Orange




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Nourishing massage cream SPA-Orange

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A luxurious cream with a rich composition, rich in nutrients and active ingredients. Non-comedogenic, gives the skin a glow and does not leave a greasy Shine. Suitable for all skin types as a massage tool, as well as for protection against cold and wind. For dry and normal skin cream is an ideal source of nutrition. The product delicately cares for the skin, makes it elastic and elastic, moisturizes, helps to reduce the number and depth of wrinkles, eliminate peeling. The gentle smell of sweet orange adjusts to a positive mood and calms the nervous system.

Ingredients: purified water, isononyl isononanoate, sweet almond oil, glycerin, cocoa butter (deodorized), aloe Vera gel, germaben II, aristoflex AVC, Shea butter, vitamin E, xanthan gum, orange essential oil, tinogard TT, perfume composition.

Indications for use: as a massage agent and protection against the effects of low temperatures - for all skin types, as a regular care - for dry, normal and combination skin with dry areas.

Scope: professional and home care.

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