Serias "Selective"


"Selective" series is made for correction of separate local problems of skin for which individual approach is necessary.
This category contains cosmetic production of the directed, allocated action.


Anti-Redness Gel
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With its unique combination of active ingredients, the gel has a strong effect on the blood vessels, reducing skin redness, restoring microcirculation, dissolving spider veins, and returning the smoothness, beauty and natural color to the face. &nb..
Second video course of a series of "Crib on cosmetology"
Ex Tax: 3.00€
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 2 disc with 15 Webinar on hardware cosmetology..
Intensive Regeneration Gel
Ex Tax: 22.19€
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The gel reduces the rehabilitation period of any damaging cosmetic procedures, has a pronounced healing effect, relieves irritation, reduces papules and other traces of skin puncture, moisturizes and repairs the skin.Active ingredients: high molecu..
Eye Care Gel
Ex Tax: 31.82€
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Eye Care Gel removes puffiness and circles under the eyes, bleaches pigmentation spots and freckles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes, improves skin texture and smoothes it, and repairs small wrinkles.   Active ingredients: E..
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