Aparats Photoepilation IPL Mismon MS-206B (3 lamp head)

Aparats Photoepilation IPL Mismon MS-206B (3 lamp head)







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Aparats Photoepilation IPL Mismon MS-206B (3 lamp head)

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Brand: China
Product Code: MS-206B
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Hair removal process and points for attention:

- showing HR is depilation.
- First, connect the power supply and start in two seconds.
-  before the operation of the instrument, no skin care products should be applied to the skin.
- Before the operation of the instrument, the staff should wear protective glasses. The eyes should not look directly at the flashing light or directly at the eyes.
-When starting, the stall should be adapted from weak to strong. Without damaging the skin. Stalls can be strengthened. (the higher the stalls, the better the hair removal effect).
- Do not touch hot water within 2 hours after hair removal.
- Before using the instrument, remove the hair and remove it.
- After skin removal, you can wipe some moisturizing products. (other can not be smeared, including applying facial mask) if skin is red and hot. It can be cold compress.
- Remove hair parts within 24 hours. Avoid UV exposure and apply sunscreen during nursing.
- Black and brown skin can not be used if judged. Skin detector will automatically detect the skin, when the detection instrument touches the skin, only the green light above the applicable skin handle will always shine: depilation part, can not overlap depilation, can be operated after one side, in the repeated operation of 2-3 sides.
Treatment recommendations:
- Use 7-9 times for a course of treatment.
-  a course of treatment can remove hair 2-3 times and repeat it. Remember not to overlap.
- The first 3 times, once a week.
- 4-9 times, once every 2-3 weeks.
Follow up in long hairs, 1 times every 2 months.

Product parameters

Instrument size: 190mm*150mm*80mm
Single set weight: 1.35Kg
Size: 230mm*210mm*98mm
Imput power: 36W
Voltage rating: 100-240 V
Hair removal spektrum: 510-1100 nm
Skin rejuvenation spektrum: 560-1100 nm
Acne cleance spektrum: 400-700 nm
Treatment levels: 5 Leves
Lamp life: 300000 flashes
Lamp size: 3,0 cm2
Color: white
Weight: 375g
Dimensions of the box 60h60h140
Gross Weight 70 kg
Housing dimensions 45h45h120
Input Voltage 220-240V / 50Hz; 100-120V / 60Hz
Power 270 watts

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