Apparatus carboxytherapy CarboMed  T-21

Apparatus carboxytherapy CarboMed T-21




Apparatus carboxytherapy CarboMED


Apparatus carboxytherapy CO2-Promed

Apparatus carboxytherapy CarboMed T-21

Ražotājs: Alvi Prague
Modelis: Alvi Prague CarboMed T-21
Pieejamība: 1
Bez nodokļa: 460.00€

Non-invasive Carboxytherapy with brand new T-21 beauty machine

The machine comes with a unique Carbomed capsules and the treatment gel. 
When the capsule and treatment gel, consisting of natural ingredients and rich in nutrients, contact with each other, a chemical reaction is created on the surface of the skin and CO2 is generated.
On the skin, the effect of "foaming" is created. Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) has unique properties. Introducing into the body, it increases skin oxygenation. As a result, the circulation is accelerated, lymph drainage is improved, metabolism is stimulated. The treatment result is increased due to the fact that carbon dioxide gas mixed with tissue fluid neutralizes alkaline pH.
During the treatment session, absorption of the active ingredients of skin care products is greatly enhanced. This method allows to treat virtually any skin area. 

-Effective and delicate skin cleansing
-Skin oxygenation
-Skin whitening
-Skin retexturizing
-The unique formulas of treatment gels provide
maximum absorption of nutrients.
-Soft peeling


Package set:

Beauty machine

12 capsules of CarboMed;

Skin whitening gel - 120 ml;

Skin rejuvenation gel - 120 ml. 

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