Serumi " Stop-Pūtītes"

Serumi " Stop-Pūtītes"




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Serums "Intensīvā atjaunošanos"

Serumi " Stop-Pūtītes"

Ražotājs: Geltek
Modelis: Serums "Stop-Acne"
Pieejamība: 2
Bez nodokļa: 14.83€

Papildu iespējas:

Clear Skin Serum - a means for intensive and preventive skin care, prone to inflammation and pigmentation, including rosacea and demodecosis. Biologically active complex with azelaic acid and glycine inhibits the synthesis of melanin, blocking the enzyme tyrosinase, providing a whitening effect. The aloe Vera juice in the serum increases local immunity and soothes the skin, D-panthenol promotes skin regeneration, mineral complex (copper, magnesium, zinc) stimulates metabolic processes in skin cells and the renewal of the epidermis, antioxidant and sebum-regulating effects.

Field of use: professional and home care, laser and ultrasound therapies, combinations of methodologies
Indications for use: for oily and problem-prone skin with inflammations, pigmentation due to inflammations
Method of use: in home and professional care, apply serum to cleansed face or body skin, to problem areas only or to the entire affected area. Avoid applying on eye area. Can be used as a part of complex therapy (laser therapy, ultrasound therapy). In home care, use daily, in therapy regimen or occasionally when exacerbations occur. Apply once or twice a day. Sunscreen is recommended during the daytime.


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