Presoterapijos aparatas Alvi Prague PR-901

Presoterapijos aparatas Alvi Prague PR-901
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Alvi PragueGamintojas: Alvi Prague
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Aprašymas Presoterapijos aparatas Alvi Prague PR-901

Presoterapijos aparatas sudarytas iš skaitmeninio valdymo bloku, turinčiu LED ekraną ir specialiu kostiumu (batai, pilvo juosta ir rankoves).


Functions of the device


muscle stimulation,

infrared heating

Pressotherapy parameters

Programs of pressotherapy

3 preprogrammed modes + mode of individual settings

Pressure power

240-260 mm Hg

Pump time

12-20 sec

Treatment areas

10 areas (20 airbags)

Infrared heating parameters

Temperature of infrared heat

15-55 ºС

Muscle stimulation parameters

Pulse form

rectangular; triangular

Frequency of muscle stimulation 1-4,75 Hz

Pulse frequency

1,25 kHz

Control panel

LCD touch screen

Network parameters

Power supply

220-240 V / 50 Hz; 100-120 V / 60 Hz

Power input

310 max


Protection class



Net dimensions (W*L*H)

460*610*1010 mm

Net weight

70.85 kg

Pressotherapy is one of the most common and well-known treatment in modern cosmetology. The unique technology of PR-901 can solve many aesthetic problems such as skin puffiness, sagging skin and cellulite. Also, this procedure is very comfortable and pleasant for a patient. Thus, pressure therapy is an effective, painless and multipurposful massage.

Description of the treatment
The cosmetologist adjusts special airbags on the patient's body. They are located in different parts of the body: the limbs, waist, abdomen, etc.

PR-901 includes:

20 pcs airbags
air pressure suit
a blanket
electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)
pressure supply unit
There are 6 working modes of PR-901 Pressotherapy EMS Machine
Active weight loss
Infrared heating
Slimming - improving of body shape
Lymph drainage
Mode of manual settings (for self-area selection of pressure therapy)
One of the most important benefit of pressotherapy is the possibility to treat patients with contra indications to the alternative methods of lymph drainage.

Pressotherapy can be carried out regularly, every day. Usually, cosmetologists recommend a course of 10-12 procedures. Duration is about 60 minutes. Many patients prefer this procedure because of its delicate and soft action. As a result, pressure therapy improves overall health and immunity.

Visible results after pressure therapy is achieved after the first procedure.

Rehabilitation after trauma
Contra indications
Vascular diseases
Benefits of the treatment
Compatibility with other types of treatment
Possible for home use
After the first treatment effect
PR-901 Pressotherapy EMS Machine is highly appreciated and widely used in body slimming programs.

Muscle Stimulation Treatment in the PR-901

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is based on using pulse current for treatment and rehabilitation of natural muscles, tissues, nerves and internal organs.

Under the influence of an electric pulse, our muscles have a tendency to shrink.

Benefits of EMS treatment
Reduction of localized fat deposits
Increasing muscle tone and muscle relief
Skin lifting and improving its elasticity
Reduction of swelling
Anti-cellulite effect
Thermotherapy (blanket)
Deep heating system using infrared heat.

Infrared heating is the most advanced method to remove fat in "problem areas".

targeted weight loss
comfortable procedure at 40-50 °С
rapid decrease of body fat in problem areas
reduction and complete elimination of cellulite
restoring skin elasticity
restoration of stretched skin after pregnancy or weight reduction
improvement of health, sleep, relaxation
activating the metabolism and excretion of toxins
improving the digestive function
treatment of pain syndrome caused by sciatica, osteoarthritis, muscle overtraining
PR-901 Pressotherapy EMS Machine has a stylish console, which is sure to become a decoration for your beauty parlor, salon or clinic.


Žymos: Kosmetikos įranga,Alvi Prague

Specifikacija Presoterapijos aparatas Alvi Prague PR-901

Вес брутто3.5 кг
Габариты короба35х29,5х24,5
Мощность70 Вт
Напряжение220-240В / 50 Гц; 100-120В / 60 Гц

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