Rental of cosmetology equipment

Machines for the cosmetology room. Rent or buy?

Leasing lasers for waxing - 35 €/day

Renting a machine is profitable because:

  • Leasing lasers for year-round epiphany
  • One procedure per day is enough to pay off the laser lease.
  • Great way to start a business.
  • you can diversify your salon services at minimal cost and spend your budget on things you don't rent (repair, sign)
  • you can always abandon the equipment if the success of the service seems insufficient;
  • you get more than just hardware: service and advice on any issue
Rent Apparatus for vacuum roller massage Beautyliner
Ex Tax: 30.00€
In Stock
Beautyliner - effective device for body sculpture and cellulite removal. This is a non-invasive way to decrease volumes of human body using rollers and constant or pulsed regulated vacuum that activates skin and dermal tissues. The process s..
Rent Diode laser HM-DL-100
Ex Tax: 14.00€
2-15 days waiting
Equipment rent:for one month - 18.40 euros / day.for two months - 16.30 euros / dayfor three months or more - 14.20 euros / day.cenā nav iekļauts PVN;a deposit of 1000 euros;Payment for a month in advance;HM-DL-100  Laser Hair Removal Machin..
Rent Diode laser HM-DL-100 1600w
Ex Tax: 35.00€
In Stock
Rental of equipment:for one month:  50,00 euro/day.for two months:  40.00 euro/day.for three months or more: 35.00 euro/day.the price does not include VAT;deposit EUR 3000;Payment a month in advance;Interface Language: Latvian, Russian,..
Rent Diode laser HM-DL-103 1600w
Ex Tax: 40.00€
In Stock
Equipment rent:for one month - 55,00 euros / day.for two months - 45,00euros / day.for three months or more - 40,00 euros / day.the price not  includes VAT;a deposit of  EUR 1,000 - Latvia, EUR 4,000 - Lithuania, Estonia;Pa..
Rent Diode laser HM-DL-300 Triple laser diode 1000w
Ex Tax: 40.00€
Out Of Stock
Equipment rent:for one month - 48.40 euros / day.for two months - 36.30 euros / dayfor three months or more - 24.20 euros / day.the price includes VAT;a deposit of 1000 euros;Payment for a month in advance;HM-DL-300  Laser Hair Removal Machi..
Rent apparatus EM-Contouring Body Slimmg System
Ex Tax: 39.00€
In Stock
for one month - 49.00 euros/day.for two months - €45.00/day.for three months or more, €40.00/day.the price includes VAT;deposit EUR 1000;Payment a month in advance;Fat Reduction: non-invasive way into the deep subcutaneous muscle tissue..
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