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Can't sell your beloved and long-maintained cosmetology device?

Send information about the device, its functions, technical parameters and photos, and we will place this device used devices section. Please send the required information by email [email protected] and we will help you sell your cosmetology device.
  • The price of the service is EUR 29,00 if the selling price of the device is up to EUR 1,000
  • The price of the service is EUR 59,00 if the selling price of the device is up to EUR 2,000
  • The price of the service is EUR 79,00 if the selling price of the device is up to EUR 3,000

Also, you can deliver the device to the exposition located in Riga, where the device will be visible 24/7, at the address Madonas str. 21-85

Apparatus for vacuum roller massage Beautyliner
Ex Tax: 3,699.00€
In Stock
Beautyliner - effective device for body sculpture and cellulite removal. This is a non-invasive way to decrease volumes of human body using rollers and constant or pulsed regulated vacuum that activates skin and dermal tissues. The process s..
Diode laser HM-DL-200 1600w
Ex Tax: 7,990.00€
In Stock
Diode Laser Hair Removal Diode laser HM-DL-100  1600w is the safest and fastest at present.HM-DL-100  755 808 1064nm Diode laser hair removal machine is mainly for professional hair removal. Such as permanently remove lip hair, bea..
Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague N-06
Ex Tax: 1,300.00€
In Stock
Alvi Prague N-06 Skin Care System 6-in-1 is the latest professional facial care equipment. This 6-in-1 machine provides popular facial treatments. It combines 6 of the most profitable and effective methods that can be used together or separately...
Apparatus Darsonval ELEGANTE 862
Ex Tax: 70.00€
In Stock
Description:This apparatus is an handle shaped electronic device for massage and therapy with the use of so-called d'Arsonval currents. The effect of the electric charges widens the blood vessels in the skin and hastens metabolism, which is an im..
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