Cold-heat therapy

Devices with the function of cold / heat is used to raise the tone of vessels, removing puffiness, soothing after invasive procedures.

Therapy / cooling is based on the contrast of temperatures (from 0 to 50 ° C), causing the vessels to constrict and relax, doing a kind of gymnastics, thereby activating their work.

Cold is the main function; It is used as a final treatment to soothe the skin after harsh peels, cleansing scrubs application, mesotherapy.

As a result of the cold skin of the face, chest, neck, calms down. Heat treatment is a function of the preliminary procedure before cleaning. In this case the pores expands, cosmetics penetrate into the skin better and faster.

Exchange the body processes are accelerated under the influence of heat and cold, improves microcirculation of the blood vessels, swelling out, improving skin color.


Multifunctional beauty device Alvi Prague E-6
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Functions:Ultrasonic therapyUltrasonic scrubberDiamond dermabrasionHot and cold therapyPhoton therapyMicrocurrent therapy ..
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Luxury multifunctional device Autobiography from Alvi Praha. Maximum functionality and unique ergonomics!This state-of-the-art device combines the nine most effective and requested techniques, a unique design that has become the company's calling c..
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Description:Functions:needle-free mesotherapydiamond dermabrasionultrasonic scrubberhot and cold therapyphoton therapyN-05 Needle-free mesotherapy Such kind of aesthetic treatment combines microcurrent therapy and insertion of spe..
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Alvi Prague N-06 Skin Care System 6-in-1 is the latest professional facial care equipment. This 6-in-1 machine provides popular facial treatments. It combines 6 of the most profitable and effective methods that can be used together or separately...
Hot and cold therapy Alvi Prague T-05 New
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Contrast thermal stimulation with cold and hot is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective and safe methods of healing, smoothing, relieving irritation and improving skin elasticity on the face and body. Company Kongress offers to buy..
Thermal iontophoresis device Alvi Prague CryoJet IO
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CryoJet IO thermal iontophoresis device,skin and tissue heating temperature - up to 50 ± 1 ° C;skin and tissue cooling temperature - up to -15 ± 1 ° C;galvanic current strength - up to 6.5 mA;galvanic current voltage - 1-30 ..
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