Photon - therapy

Photon - therapy has a beneficial effect on the skin and is a safe method of care for all skin types.
Such a method of physical therapy is used in cosmetics and in medicine for the treatment of various diseases. The impact occurs at the cellular level, triggering the rejuvenation process by increasing the activity of cells, and improves overall immunity.
Impact photons penetrates tissue (1.5 cm), "includes" dormant cells of the skin, the process of rapid regeneration. The procedure is performed using special equipment with LED light sources. The efficacy is determined by the selected power and beam spectrum. It is experimentally proved that the most effective is the light wavelength range in red, blue, violet spectrum.
The beneficial effects of the spectra
Under the influence of red light is:

  • Increased vascular tone.
  • The normalization of cardiac activity.
  • Elimination of stagnation.
  • Increased activity of tropic hormones.

Low-intensity red light reduces wrinkles, transverse wrinkles, stimulates the production of new collagen, triggers skin regeneration, helps to eliminate toxins.
Under the influence of the blue light is:

  • Improving the condition of the skin.
  • Increase muscle strength.
  • Reducing inflammation.
  • Blue photodiode light soothes sensitive skin, relieves irritation, redness, improves skin, prone to acne, improves the immune system.

Under the influence of the violet light is:

  • Stimulating the production of new collagen.
  • Running mechanism of reducing scarring and redness.
  • To start the recovery mechanism and skin rejuvenation.
  • This reduces fine lines, prevents the appearance of freckles, pigmentation of the skin associated with pregnancy and age.
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