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Website www.alvibalt.eu Terms and Conditions of use


  1. General

1.1. The Terms and Conditions of www.alvibalt.eu (referred to below as “Website”) are binding to each visitor/user as well as any person using the services listed in the Website (“User’), irrespective of the fact whether he/she has a registered Website User account.

1.2. The Website is a property of "Kongress ", VAT Nr. 50003887151, (“Website owner”).

1.3. The Website owner may at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice modify the Website Terms and Conditions. Any modification of the Website usage conditions are effective starting with the moment they are published on the Website.


  1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

2.1. The User may use the Website, register his/her User account and/or use the offered services only after having read the Website terms and conditions and having fully, unconditionally agreed to them. Each User is responsible for reviewing the latest updates of the Website Terms and Conditions of use.

2.2. The Website User can agree to the Terms and Conditions of use in the following ways:

2.2.1. By actual use of the Website. In such event,  it can be considered that the User has read the Website usage conditions and agreed to them;

2.2.2. By clicking on “Agree” or “Confirm” if such an option is provided on the Website.

2.3. The User is not permitted to use the Website and/or the offered services if:

2.3.1. The User is not of legal age so that the acceptance of the terms and conditions would be legally binding to him/her, or otherwise, this person does not have a right to access the Website in accordance with the legislation;

2.3.2. The User is a person who in accordance with the legislation does not have a right to use the Website and/or included services;

2.3.3. The User does not agree to the Terms and Conditions of use.


  1. Use of Website

3.1. The User is not permitted to place any advertisements on the Website or use the information found on it for commercial aims.

3.2. The Website contains a description of the offered services. The User has a duty to read their description before starting to use the respective services. However, the User is free to refuse them.

3.3. The User agrees that the content of the services provided on the Website and/or the supply of these services, as well as the content itself can be modified without prior notice. In connection with the above mentioned, the User shall not raise any claims or demands.

3.4. The User agrees that the owner of the Website at its sole discretion and without prior notice may temporarily limit or cancel the access to the services or any part of them to the particular User or all Users, and without prior notice temporarily or completely terminate the maintenance of the Website or any of its parts (the above mentioned includes the closure of the Website). In connection with it, the User shall not raise any claims or demands.

3.5. The User reserves a right to terminate the use of the Website and its services at any time.

3.6. Certain information may be demanded from the User (e.g., ID number, address, contact tel., and e-mail), necessary to register the User to grant access to the services, provide the services or maintain the User account open or register it. The User acknowledges that any information provided by him/her shall at any moment be true, precise and up-to-date, and that it shall be expressed of his/her free will.

3.7. The User is granted to use the Website and/or the offered services only in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the effective legislation.

3.8. The User may access the Website and/or any of the offered services only through the interface provided by the Website owner.

3.9. The User shall not do any activities that hinder (may hinder) or cause (may cause) inconveniences of the use of the Website and the offered services (including servers and networks connected with the services).

3.10. If the access to the User account is deactivated, the User may be denied to access the services, User account information or any files, or otherwise other information found in the User account.   The owner of the Website at its sole discretion and without prior notice may deactivate the access to the User account (including but not only: in cases mentioned in Clause 4.2 of these Terms and Conditions). In connection with the above mentioned, the User shall not raise any claims or demands against the Website owner.

3.11. The User bears full responsibility for any information placed on the Website and/or sent to the Website owner or its staff (including, but not only – regarding personal data or photographs), as well as any consequences (incl. legal consequences) arising out of such activities.

3.12. The owner of the Website is not responsible for User’s liabilities.  The User is fully liable for any breach of the liabilities stated in these Terms and Conditions and the subsequent consequences.

3.13. The Website owner has a right to process the information provided by the User (incl., personal data) and involve third persons in it without prior coordination or User’s consent.

3.14. The User is liable for confidentiality in respect of the Website User account passwords. The User bears exclusive responsibility for all actions carried out in the User account. If the User receives information regarding unauthorised use of the password or account, he/she shall immediately notify the Website owner hereof.

3.15. By placing the information on the Website or using the e-mail, The Website owner reserves the right to inform the Users about all updates, Website sponsors and offers of the Website owner’s cooperation partners (the above mentioned includes also advertising). No coordination or permission from the User is necessary for these operations.


  1. Orders and User’s images

4.1. If the User has activated a User account, he/she can place an order on the Website (if such an option is offered) and upload the User’s images. When placing an order and/or uploading one’s own images, it is forbidden to:

4.1.1. Use information that may harm or breach the intellectual property rights (copyright, etc.) or other rights;

4.1.2. Use information that may offend one’s dignity;

4.1.3. Use information that may call for violence, racism or other illegal actions or propagate them;

4.1.4. Use information that is not consistent with ethical norms and moral standards of the society;

4.1.5. Use information containing viruses or created to harm the computer or software operation (safety);

4.1.6. Use information that includes spam (junk mail, spam, chain letters) or uncoordinated advertising features;

4.1.7. Use pornographic or erotic information;

4.1.8. Use information containing data of private persons (incl., legal entities) that is not included in public registers;

4.1.9. Use information that violates third persons` copyright (incl., registered trademarks, design and patents), as well as all objects protected by copyright, their copies, reproductions, modifications, etc.);

4.1.10. Use other information that affects or may affect normal operation and safety of the Website.

4.2. Detecting the use of prohibited information, the Website owner may deny the order, close the User account and cancel the images and other files uploaded by the User. In such event, the User is not entitled to receive any compensation for losses and shall not raise other claims or demands.

4.3. The Website owner bears no responsibility for the claims or demands raised by third persons in connection with any User’s actions.

4.4. The Website owner bears no responsibility for:

4.4.1. Information furnished by the site User and its consequences (incl. legal consequences), arising out of the execution of the User’s order;

4.4.2. Disturbances connected with any technical problems: problems of Internet connection and power supply as well as technical failures of the Website;

4.4.3. Losses and harm done to the site User in connection with unauthorised access of third persons to the Website data;

4.4.4. Any direct or indirect losses incurred by the Website User. It is applicable also to the loss of profit as well as loss of data.

4.5. The User agrees to use the Website and services „as is” and without any Website owner’s warranties. The Website owner does not guarantee that the use of the Website and/or services will correspond to the User’s requirements or wishes, will be operating non-stop, will be safe and without any technical failures.

4.6. The User is aware that the design and layout of the order (including the content of the image, print quality, etc.) may depend also on the User and therefore he/she shall not raise any claims or demands against the Website owner.

4.7. The Website owner does not bear any responsibility for the differences of colour tones that can be detected when comparing the colour tones of the received order with the colour tones on the computer monitor as they appear upon visiting the Website, irrespective of the fact who the possessor of the computer is.

4.8. The User’s order is final; after placing the order no changes and/or modifications can be done, and the order can not be cancelled neither partly nor fully. The conditions mentioned in this clause do not prohibit the Website owner’s representatives contact the User to define the order more accurately or make any changes in case of doubt.

4.9. The User’s order will be executed in the term stated on the Website after receiving a full payment. The mentioned term does not include the time of delivery. The delivery is done in accordance with the delivery term. The User agrees that the Website owner has a right not to execute the order if its content and/or design do not correspond to the Website usage conditions (including, but not limited to: Clause 4.1 of these Terms and Conditions).

4.10. The execution of the placed order includes the delivery to the address indicated in the User’s order. The Website owner is not liable for the losses and delay arising out of an incorrectly laid out/designed order (incl., incorrect data in the order), third persons` actions or force majeure.

4.11. The User shall pay for the order as a full prepayment, which should be carried out in the set deadline and procedure after receiving an invoice. The price and discounts (if any) are indicated in the invoice.

4.12. If the payment for the order is not received in the set deadline and/or amount, the User’s order is cancelled without any prior notice. In such event, the User shall not raise any claims or demands against the Website owner.


  1. Copyright and other rights

5.1. The Website owner reserves all rights of the Website (incl., property rights and copyright). The User is aware that infringement of these rights is illegal and can be punishable.

5.2. The use of the Website, opening an account or placing an order does not grant the User any Website rights or any of its parts.


  1. Privacy policy

6.1. The User agrees that all information and data provided will be used, processed and saved in the Website owner’s data base. Personal information shall be collected when the User is registered on the Website for the scope of receiving the offered services, uses the services and/or opens a User account.

6.2. Upon visiting the Website and using any of its services, all information regarding the computer’s IP address, Internet browser, date and time of the request are registered automatically.

6.3. The obtained information is used for the following objectives:

6.3.1. To guarantee the services (including services of adapted content and advertising);

6.3.2. To carry out inspections, study and analysis to reveal what factors influence and improve the technologies and services of the Website;

6.3.3. To contact the User;

6.3.4. To inform the User about the latest services, products and offers as well as other proposals;

6.3.5. To conduct online competitions, offers, polls and other activities on the Website.

6.4. The Website owner shall not reveal any information to the third parties except in cases regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

6.5. The Website owner gives the User a possibility to edit the User account information at any time. The User account information is protected with a password to guarantee privacy and safety.

6.6. The Website owner’s rights and responsibilities in relation to the processing and protection of natural persons` data are regulated by the norms laid down in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. The Website owner is entitled to consider that the information provided to him regarding the identified natural persons is true and that a person furnishing such information has a right to provide it to the Website owner.

6.7. By using the Website, the User confirms his/her consent to the privacy policy and the same consent of the business entity in the name of which the User is using the Website and in the name of which certain information is submitted (if any), including collection of the information and its use, and the User confirms the consent to the Terms and Conditions of this Website.

6.8. The User is aware of the fact that no data transmission in Internet is completely safe. The Website owner gives no guarantee as to the safety of the User’s data. The User him/herself is responsible for the safety and confidentiality of passwords, financial information and account data.

  1. Jurisdiction

7.1. Any disputes between the Website Users and the Website owner (including all claims and demands arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions, as well as breach, application and interpretation of these conditions and their validity) are solved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

In the case of a refund, the transfer fee charged in favour of the relevant financial institution is deducted from the amount to be refunded. Questions why, please send to the support department of the relevant financial institution

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