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Electric armchair FE 201 
665.50€ 822.80€
Ex Tax: 550.00€
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 Electric armchair FE 201   Electric armchair - characteristics: - electronic control:                 - armchair height                 - tilt the sea..
Apparatus for vacuum hydro-peeling with simultaneous diamond dermabrasion Alvi Derm
3,628.79€ 3,872.00€
Ex Tax: 2,999.00€
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Please find hereby the unique and innovative equipment for facial and body care. It is a vacuum hydropeeling with diamond dermabrasion AlviDerm beauty machine of company Alvi Prague. This unique beauty machine provides holistic skin treatment that ..
Needle free mezotheraphy, diamond microdermabrasion Alvi Prague N-02
750.20€ 810.70€
Ex Tax: 620.00€
In Stock
Functions:Needle-free mesotherapyDiamond dermabrasionN-02 Needle-free mesotherapy Such kind of aesthetic treatment combines microcurrent therapy and insertion of special medical preparations and cocktails into the skin. Electroporation tr..
Spot remover Alvi Prague Т-03 plus
435.60€ 471.90€
Ex Tax: 360.00€
In Stock
Electrocoagulation is one of the most popular and safe method to remove neoplasms that appear on the skin surface. Such way of treatment allows removing neoplasm and coagulation blood vessels at the same time. There are no scars on the skin surface..
Laser tattoo removal Alvi Prague TL-500
4,961.00€ 5,445.00€
Ex Tax: 4,100.00€
In Stock
Deciding to purchase Alvi Prague beauty equipment, you will become the owner of an innovative device with unique operational capabilities and relatively inexpensive prices guaranteed a quick payback.Among the wide range of our products there is a..
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