Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague F-3

 Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague F-3
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Description Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague F-3

Innovative multifunction skin care machine F-3 is a must have unit for any beauty salon or beauty clinic. It successfully combines 3 functions aimed to cope with different aesthetic skin blemishes. It does help you to enhance your customers service

Skin care machine F-3 combines three effective functions that are widely used in aesthetic skin care:
Ultrasonic scrubber
Needle-free mesotherapy
Microcurrent therapy

Ultrasonic skin scrubber is a specially designed thin spatula made of medical stainless steel. This unit offers retexturizing results with soft and gentle use of ultrasound vibration. It eliminates keratinized cells, dirt, sebum, comedones. For greater results it is possible to apply skin care products on the skin surface.
With our ultrasonic skin scrubber, you will be able to provide a wide range of aesthetic services aimed at:
Removal of epidermal keratinized layer
skin tightness improvement
reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
stimulation of blood flow
complexion improvement
elimination of skin puffiness
pores narrowing
acne and comedones treatment
oily skin care

Deep ultrasound skin peeling allows to improve overall skin health, make it smooth and tighten. Before the treatment it is necessary to clean the skin of the patient of the make up. Then apply special ultrasonic gel which enhances ultrasound permeability and provides therapeutic effect (phonophoresis).

Needle-Free Mesotherapy is an advanced technique, which combines electroporation and electrophoresis; in this way, the active substances penetrate the skin and are absorbed deeply, achieving amazing results. It is a great alternative to mesotherapy, but without using needles. It is excellent to treat cellulite in all its stages, localized adiposity, flabbiness, stretch marks and wrinkles.
Microcurrent therapy is one of the widely used in aesthetic cosmetology. Microcurrent therapy is based on the influence of low-level current used to activate the anti-aging properties of the skin. There are a lot of types of different tissues in the body and each one has a different, its own signature electrical frequency.

Microcurrent therapy is designed to recover natural cell frequencies. This paves the way to better protein production that is essential for tissue regeneration. The treatment is also been proven to reduce or altogether eliminate the inflammation and improve blood flow. Impressively, there is a huge number of different medical conditions that are successfully treated with Microcurrent therapy. In the beauty industry the treatment is often referred to as “the 5-minute face lift” because of its rather dramatic results.


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Specification Multifunctional beauty machine Alvi Prague F-3

Dimensions of the box35h29,5h24,5
Gross Weight3.5 kg
Input Voltage220-240V / 50Hz; 100-120V / 60Hz
Power70 watts
Product Details
Dimensions (L x W x H)700.00cm x 400.00cm x 250.00cm

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